Just about anything that can be custom made with fiberglass can be made at John’s Custom Fiberglass.

Whether you have a damaged fiberglass case, need a mould for a new one, or need new fiberglass display cases/merchandise display cases altogether call John’s Custom Fiberglass in Surrey to get that taken care of. Fiberglass display cases made to display your products in stores such as Safeway, Superstore, London Drugs, Fruiticana, etc.

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Did you know that John’s Custom Fiberglass was trusted with creating the dome/ball for the Sikh Temple when it was first built many years ago? The quality of their work must be good because the dome is still there last I checked.
Akali Singh Sikh Society

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“We’ve known John for almost a decade and he’s been doing his thing for twice as long. We worked with others before but John has always given us his full attention.”  Moses Yoon – Surrey, BC