Fiberglass Products And Services

ustom-made fiberglass products: We make moulds and create products in any quantity. Our products reflect low-maintenance and cost effectiveness.

John’s Custom Fiberglass can do virtually anything and everything fiberglass related. Open for business for over 20 years providing custom fiberglass products and services for all clients. John has personally been in the fiberglassing industry for 30+ years.

JCF works on a wide range of products as can be seen here.

Ice trays

Long-lasting. Save money with fiberglass ice trays custom made to specification. Plastic trays are notorious for cracking and require replacement every 4-5 years. Fiberglass trays on the other hand usually last more than 25 years. Why pay 5 times as much when you can instead put your money to better use? Clients throughout the Lower Mainland, BC have been very satisfied with our fiberglass ice trays which saves them money, reduces operating costs, and increases both productivity and efficiency.

Fiberglass Trays (10k+ worth of inventory in stock ready for sale or request custom sizes)


Nose Cone Products

Air Deflectors For Trucks. Increase mileage, reduce fuel consumption, less stops, improved safety.

Visit: for more information.
Nose Cone

Display Stands

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JCF custom creates fiberglass display stands for major supermarkets, retailers, organizations, and events. The shop has a selection of display cases that are ready for sale. Buy in bulk 10, 30, 50, 100 etc. Better pricing for larger orders.

Fiberglass Decorative Statues

JCF custom creates fiberglass moulds and projects for holiday events such as New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

The beauty of our products is that they last for many decades. Unlike plastic, repairs to fiberglass products can be performed in a pinch even with a do-it-yourself kit. These decorative statues are not just a 1-time use but can be used over and over every year. Designed right, they can even become an important part of your brand.

Fiberglass Display Lettering

Custom-made lettering for brick-and-mortar business marketing and advertising.

Fiberglass Signs and Lettering

FRP Doors




Fiberglass pipes are superior to plastic.

Custom Fiberglass

Fiberglass Tanks

custom fiberglass vancouver fiberglass fabricator vancouver fiberglass vancouver

Fiberglass Doors

Durable and cost efficient

Steel Replacement

Fiberglass is resistant to corrosion unlike steel which rusts after prolonged exposure to weathering.

Fiberglass Sundecks

Very durable decks that can last a life-time. Cleaning is simply done using a pressure washer.

Don’t see what you are looking for on this list? Give the shop a call and inquire to see what they can do for you.

Fiberglass Christmas Decorations And Fiberglass Ornaments

Each year the shop builds custom Christmas decorations for clients, malls, shops, stores and more. These decorations can be used year after year. Call to find out what molds are available (reindeer).

John’s Custom Fiberglass serves clients throughout Vancouver, Surrey, and the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada.

Great pricing, experienced, and accepting new contracts.

If you would like to order Halloween and Christmas fiberglass decorations and ornaments please phone Mo (778)-788-8603 or email with your requirements as soon as possible.
Custom Fiberglass Helmets, Boards, Accessories, Gear, Molds

If you need something custom made. Perhaps a custom motorcycle helmet, paintball helmet fitted for you or even things like jet ski’s new prototyped vehicles, or bobsleds… Feel free to email requests for consideration to to get in touch with Moses

Our Friends: Custom fiberglass water features, waterfalls, fountains, and pools


Custom Pools – Fiberglass, Vinyl, Concrete – In ground And Above Ground – Call Moses
for a quote (778)-788-8603

waterfallnow burnaby backyard waterfall sandhurst 1413 place west vancouver aria banquet hall surrey patio

Custom Indoor Water Walls, Waterfalls, Water Features, Fountains, LED Bubble walls:
Call Moses for a quote (778)-788-8603



Also serving Burnaby, Vancouver, Delta, Coquitlam, Langley, Chilliwack, White Rock, and South Surrey for custom fiberglassing. Come visit our shop in Surrey. Long-distance requests are welcome.

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