Aquaculture Tanks – Fish Tanks

Fiberglass fish tanks can be manufactured in Vancouver Canada that pass safety inspection.

Quality made and can be custom-designed to your exact requirements.

We are a small shop but can manufacture to a larger scale.


Aquaculture Tank

Auaculture, simply defined, is the farming of various types of fish and water creatures. Fish show great promise as a “crop” that respond well to the benefits of being raised in a controlled environment. In a typical aquaculture system, a bio-filter utilizes beneficial bacteria to clean the water for the fish. The bacteria grows on support media in a tank. The bacteria is aerobic, so it requires oxygen in the form of a air pump. When growing fish in an aquaculture system, it is crucial to not only consider the requirements of the fish, but also the bacteria. Healthy bio-filters result in healthy, fast growing fish. Source: